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More Rock Stars Joining the Yandiki Team!! Welcome Rosemary to the New World Of Work, welcome to Yandiki!
Want to add expert hands to your Creative Teams ? GET STARTED NOW ! -->
Here's the secret: what the truly great TED speakers do differently from the rest can be found in the first few minutes of their presentation.
A big part of being a web designer is knowing what works.
Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand others and their emotions, as well as being able to properly react to others' behavior in an effective manner. Doing so can make us both happier--and more successful--in business and in life.
A blog provides great substance for your social media marketing campaigns and regularly adds fresh content, which is something Google loves.
As your business picks up, you’ll probably have to start facing your fears of public speaking more and more often.
The new native video feature allows you to use a mobile app called "LinkedIn Record" to film and share yourself answering questions submitted by other LinkedIn users.
Marketing, in its purest form, is also dedicated to storytelling and spreading innovative ideas.
Preparation, packaging, and promotion will make the difference between whether you get paid to speak or it just remains on your "Maybe Someday" list.
Silvina Moschini, AKA @Miss_Internet, CEO & Co-Founder of Yandiki, will participate in the Latam Leaders Forum, next september in Miami! #LatamMeetsHere